Quarantime is a zombie herding game, where you play a zombie shepherd ! It means that as a shepherd you have to lead your Starving zombies in Quarantine hall.

In this world stress is the cancer of all schools, one of the world greatest pandemic that ever was. Quarantime is an Epic dream, a quest for peace, and serenity. Because Reaching inner peace is not easy and drink Blurp won’t help you ! But don't panic, there is a solution...You should Become shepherd !

Of course shepherding is also stressing and this is one more reason for you to go and look for the famous Anti-stress Formula. Lets be crazy for a second and picture a world without stress. Do you think it is possible ? Let me tell you that we’ve found inner peace thanks to a book. This book explains clearly and precisely how to reach inner peace. Join us, become a shepherd. All you have to do is follow these few rules … You can change it all,you can change the World …

Join the Quarantime School !