1. What is Quarantime ?
Quarantime is the first indie game where you play a zombies shepherd ! This is an arcade survival game based on Stress.
2. It’s sounds great but how do you play ?
Quarantime is a simple one action button. You can either play it with your keyboard or use a common controller.
3. What does a shepherd do ?
A shepherd must put as much zombies as possible in Quarantine.
4. How do you find zombies ?
They will find you ! And when they do you will be chased from floor to floor forever. Adding more and more zombies behind you. Until you find the Quarantine hall or get bitten by one of your pursuers.
5. Can you decide not to get inside a Quarantine hall ?
Yes, there is always an alternative route. Getting inside the quarantine hall or not is up to you. Choose well !
6. What about the scoring ? How do you score ?

You can score points in many different ways. When a zombie starts chasing you, you get points. But your best option will always be the Quarantine hall. The more zombies you put in Quarantine, the higher the score will be in return. Adding zombies one by one in the quarantine is less valuable than adding 5 or 6 zombies at a time.

“Braining” zombies is the second best option to score points. The more zombies you “brain” at a time, the higher the score will be in return. Brain combo’s are a shepherd’s best weapon for survival.

Finally Crossing a level with zombies behind you will score some points also. The more zombies you put in Quarantine, the higher the score will be in return.

7. On wich plateform will the game be released ?
The game will be available for desktop PC platform and iOS / Android platforms.
8. Who are you guys ?
We are 3 indie developers. Renaud P. Carpentiers, Quentin Didier, Gregory T.kabishi. who join forces for making their first game. We have studied Game development together in Belgium.