Stress is money, Blurp is the solution !


We assume that stress became an evil that took control over the world. this evil is everywhere, it is exchanged, it became money and can be relieved or tamed. The fact is that stress is the new fashionable disease !
Everyone wants to control it or rather get rid of it. Lets be crazy and picture a world without stress is it really possible ? Blurp was born from that dynamic, the new anti stress beverage ! It’s the answer to everything, capitalism in a can. At first you fear it, you don’t believe and think it will be ineffective. And before you know it, it’s already everywhere. Wether in the playgrounds or in the offices, the world can’t live without it. Blurp is fascinating, everybody talks about it. it is exchanged at a high price and replacing oil. Stress is not a fatality, let’s put an end to this constant pressure.

Stress is money, blurp is the solution.

Blurp the revolutionary anti stress beverage now has an explanatory website. Discover this easy and proven way to help fight stress ! Work stress is not a fatality ! Drink and share without restriction. 


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