Quarantime Story line


Burnout, harassment… of course working isn’t always a cakewalk. At all levels,  stress can interfere with your productivity and impact your physical and emotional health.  A survey conducted that more than 1 of 3 workers suffer from chronic stress. More than that, it has been proven that  stress can also impact children.   Lets be crazy for a second and picture a world without stress. Do you think it is possible ? Let me tell you that i’ve found inner peace thanks to a book. This book explains clearly and precisely how to reach inner peace. Join me, becomes a shepherd. All you have to do is follow these few rules …. I’ll be waiting, Together we can change the world !

The concept behind Quarantime is to make a simple survival game that anyone can understant and instantly play with. In this game you will have to cross an endless number of building floors. The rules are simple, you have to get out of there and put as much zombies as possible in quarantine hall to get an anti stress formula. If you get seen by the infected you will be chased from floor to floor forever. You can’t kill the infected. They are thirsty so run away. Every building floor is a small maze with locked doors all around. you will have to get the keys to move further, pass the building floors and reach the top of this building without diying. Be carefull, death is lurking ^^


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