We recently finalised our new titlescreen. Given that it’s one of the first visual elements the future shepherds would discover from the game , we wanted to push the quality and give it a special care. A previous titlescreen had already been made, but it did not meet our expectations and it was removed.

To bring this new titlescreen to life , we took the game logo, modelised it in 3D and animated it completely.


To add more diversity to the base idle, some little animated events called “gags” have been added. They come randomly.

The titlescreen has been built to facilitate addition of other “gags” in the future according to our ideas, and resources.

The beautifull titlescreen musical theme sets the mood right from the start. This is an original creation called “The shepherd school” from Matt collins (  Author and compositor ).

A preview of this track is available on our Soundcloud page.


Stay tune for more informations regarding Matt Collins and Quarantime in future.

Meanwhile, don’t hesitate to check his previous creations for other games out on his personnal page


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