Welcome to Quarantime !


Quentin Didier, Renaud P. Carpentiers and Gregory T.Kabishi are excited to annouce to you our in-development, Quarantime !

It wasn’t easy but before we get any further we really wanted to thank a cupple of people who helped us start this project. by simply believing in us and sometimes even more. ^^

First off, a very special thanks to the whole ESIAJ team. Especially to the Video game section who though us everything we know. Quarantime was our graduation project. It could have been only that. But many saw a potential in what we were doing and pushed us further. Franck Sauer, Cedric Storm,  Francois Xavier Melard, Francois Debue, Didier Moens,  and many more Thank you for believing ^^

  • Michel Grigorakis, an AAaaawesome sound designer who helped us give life to everything we imagined. That is passion ! You went even beyond expectations, Thank you.
  • Cedric Danneels, Wow, one day you will have your Porsche !
  • Olivier Lhermite, We learned so much with you ! thank you !

And of course thank YOU, for visiting our blog ! Sign up for our mailing list, and stay tuned – we’ve got lots of information about the game coming down the pipe. If you thought you knew stress than you haven’t seen anything yet. Live the stress of beeing a Zombie shepherd.

It’s only starting…. ^^



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